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Thank you for giving Strides Horse Park TEMS, Inc., the opportunity in providing you Supported Employment or Job Readiness Training. How was your Experience? As a growing community agency we need your input. Please help us by taking a few minutes to give feedback on our job performance on the Job Readiness Training or Supported Employment Program that was provided to you. We appreciate you as our client and want to make sure we have met your expectations.
Sincerely, Ms. Urshla Fouch Co-Founder/President


Mrs. Urshla Fouch



Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The customer service representative was very courteous
The customer service representative handled my call quickly
The customer service representative was very knowledgeable
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The waiting time for having my questions addressed was satisfactory
My phone call was quickly transferred to the person who best could answer my question
The automated phone system made the customer service experience more satisfying
Very SatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedNeutralSomewhat DissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
Considering the service, Job Readiness Traning & Supported Empoloyment how satisfied are you with Strides Horse Park TEMS, Inc.,overall?
Representatives are well trained?
Representatives are on time/orgainized?
Representative/Instructor act in my best inerest during Resume building/Job Search/Placement periods.
Representative adhere to professional standards of conduct/Dress Attire.
Team knowledgeable and professional?
Team provides positive contribution toward my success in stable employment?
Team responds to my inquires in a timely manner?

Thank you for your feedback. We sincerely appreciate your honest opinion and will take your input into consideration while providing products and services in the future.
If you have any comments or concerns about this survey please contact our office at 770-783-9798

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